I grew up in a very religious environment. From going to Catholic School all my life to attending a United Methodist Church, I have experienced my share of religion. I define myself under the Lordship of Jesus Christ the only Begotten Son of God. I am currently following reformation theology, and agree with it’s sound doctrine. I believe the the Bible alone is what we a Christians need to be looking to live and learn Jesus Christ. The Holy Scriptures are God’s voice, and His Word is sufficient. I believe the Lord can impress His Word upon the minds of believers, but it will line up with the Holy Bible. I spent a lot years going in circles following the voice of my flesh and WoF heresies. Yes, it has hurt me but the Lord Jesus Christ is faithful, because His Word has already been written for my instruction and guidance. Here is my baptism video, yes 8 years later but I make my proclamation to be a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ:

Here is my testimony of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done:

[VIMEO 15897907]

My Family

It has been a blessing to be married to my wife Shannon.  She has given me four beautiful sons (Isaiah Jeremiah – 5, Elijah Daniel – 4, David Joel – 2, Timothy James – 7 months) and is submitting to her husband as the role of a Christian wife calls.  Things are not all perfect in our home; but the Lord Jesus Christ has been gracious to us. Shannon and my family enjoy having people over often as to which we are joked by saying we hold people in the compound.  Here’s my wife’s baptism testimony, enjoy and God bless:

The Dallas Cowboy Studio/Office

This is the room I built with my friend Mr. Campion for the purpose of working and for bringing you updates from YouTube and Vimeo.  There is nothing holy about this place, only this is the place where the Word is given.  One day if you are in the Maryland area, you can come on through to the studio for a conversation with me. We’ll place it up here on the site.  Check out the conversations here:



Recently the DC Studio was invaded by the president of the Baltimore Ravens Theological Seminary BRTS, Michael Armstrong:


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